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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Where have I been? Where have you been?

Man, I take a few, unannounced days off from posting to this humble blog and the phone calls and letters come piling in to inquire about my health and well being. Compalaints are coming in as well about the lack of Suzuki posts here at Wasted Electrons. So, to keep my hundreds of readers, (ok, both of you) upto date, here's a recap of my whereabouts and activities since having my surgery last week.

First, I'm fine. Everything related to the surgery seems to be on the mend. I've finished one of the antibiotic prescriptions already and have 1 more day's worth of the 2nd antibiotic. I have been trying to keep a minimal activity level and while there's no heavy lifting involved in blogging, I've mostly been taking things easy. I came back to work lunchtime Monday and, so far, except for really not wanting to get up with that early wakeup alarm today, work is not too taxing on my still-healing system.

I was feeling puny on Sunday and so I spent the entire afternoon in my recliner watching 3 kinds of racing on the tv. As much as I like racing, I nearly never sit down to watch it, so when I do, you can figure I'm not feeling up to my regular activity. So, I watched racing. Some of it was even that roundy-round NASCAR banging but I must admit that I'm not a short track fan and tired of that soon enough to catch NHRA drag racing from Houston, which I enjoyed more. I've said it before, there seems to be no greater fury unleashed than a Top Fuel dragster or Funny Car as it blasts off and even though tv doesn't begin to transmit the violence that those beasts display, I still like watching it.

I have been trying to finish the Suzuki's paint job and by this time I'm just about wishing I had followed Kenny's grey primer advice. I have worked much harder on this than I expected. Everything's painted and everything has been clearcoated. Thankfully, the red enamel pinstripes that are on the tail section did not seem to be affected by the lacquer clearcoat. I'm still unhappy with the gas tank though as I just can't seem to get a "wet" enough coat on the entire thing to make it slick and smooth. I don't really want to wet sand and buff it to get the results I want but I might have to go the full route just to have a nice final result. Otherwise, the motorcycle just needs a good cleanup to blow off the paint dust it has collected and one trip to the inspection place before receiving its new license plate. I hope to be riding on Saturday…

I took a bit of a break from my guitar practice while recovering as well. I thought beforehand that I would be using all my free time to improve my string bending skills but somehow, I was apathetic to that effort as much as blogging. Both efforts will be improving as I improve, I promise. I did spend some time last night playing the songs I've learned and getting my fingers retrained to work those frets. I can now play, nearly without error, Amazing Grace, When the Saints Go Marching In and Will the Circle be Unbroken. I'm no Larry Anderson but I am still having fun.

I made the last payment on my truck, just last night! I am looking forward to spending that monthly obligation on the rest of my bills and moving closer to being darn near debt-free. We are getting a substantial tax refund this year that is going to be applied to the same effort. I'm hoping a little bit of the excess that we will have presently falls off the table and into my "Buy A Gun" fund as I've agreed to split a thousand rounds of 223 ammo with Kenny and I don't have a gun to feed it into. And we want to go prairie dog shooting in a couple months, so I need a new rifle!

[CURRENT SITUATION UPDATE} There's a female AF Lieutenant that just fired up an Aprilla bullet bike outside my window. I don't know this Lt but I'm going to go check out her motorcycle real soon!

So things are going along pretty well. I helped Kye and his GF move into their new place before my surgery and they seem to be settling in well. Kye's cell phone pulled a disappearing act but maybe it has reappeared since I heard last. Son Noah is still struggling with all the complexities of adulthood on a college campus. I'm not certain who is winning that battle. Daughter-in-law Sara sent Easter pictures of the grandbabies and I'm waiting for the prints to arrive from the Sears online store. I sure miss spoiling grandson Astin. He's about due for his first tricycle and some laps in the driveway.

I've been to the movies a couple times while healing up and will be doing a separate movie review post in the upcoming hours, so stay tuned for those.

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